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Choose the surface you’d like to air-condition

No matter how big your offices are, Polar Bear has a solution that meets your needs and will ensure your comfort as well as that of your employees all year round. Plus, properly managing the temperature at your office can really help you save money!

humidity during heat waves. If your air conditioning system is too powerful, humidity will linger in the air, and if it’s not powerful enough, it might be overworked and break down prematurely.

Our technicians are trained to avoid these types of errors, and to find the wall-mounted or central system with the best quality for the price depending on your comfort goals.

Combining your air conditioner or heat pump purchase with a maintenance plan adapted to your type of unit will optimize your investment and avoid a lot of problems!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details on our units.

Make a choice depending on the area you need to air-condition. We’ll offer you several pricing options that will give you an idea of the necessary budget. Ask us for a free quote to confirm the costs involved.