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Troubleshooting Guides

Does not run

  • If the protector trip or fuse is blown
  • Please wait for 3 minutes and start again, protector device may be preventing unit to work
  • If batteries in the remote controller exhausted.
  • If the plug is not properly plugged.

No cooling or heating air

  • ls the air filter dirty?
  • Are the intakes and outlets of the air conditioner blocked?
  • Is the temperature set properly?

Ineffective control

  • If strong interference(from excessive static electricity discharge, power supply voltage abnormality)presents, operation will be abnormal. At this time, disconnect from the power supply and connect back 2-3 seconds later.

Does not operate immediately

  • Changing mode during operation, 3 minutes will delay.

Peculiar odor

  • This odor may come from another source such as furniture, cigarette etc, which is sucked in the unit and blows out with the air.

A sound of flowing water

  • Caused by the flow of refrigerant in the air conditioner, not a trouble.
  • Defrosting sound in heating mode.

Cracking sound is heard

  • The sound may be generated by the expansion or contraction of the front panel due to change.

Spray mist from the outlet

  • Mist appears when the room air becomes very cold because of cool air discharged from indoor unit during COOLING or DRY operation mode.

The compressor indicator (red) lights on constantly, and indoor fan stops.

  • The unit is shifting from heating mode to defrost. The indicator will lights off within ten minutes and returns to heating mode.

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