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Food & Groceries Retail

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Grocery stores and supermarkets have a particular environment that requires particular attention when putting an air conditioning solution in place: the presence of refrigerators and freezers, the frequent opening of doors, on-site bread preparation, fruit and vegetables in bulk, high daily traffic, etc.

Because several of these factors can make the room temperature vary, the level of humidity and the temperature must be closely monitored to ensure products stay fresh, and to respect food industry standards.

Thanks to our vast expertise, Polar Bear understands the complex needs of food markets. Our customized commercial air conditioning solutions will take into account the heat losses incurred by the opening and closing of refrigerator doors, as well as other elements related to the environment.

We also offer an emergency repair service for food market refrigeration systems. We enable our clients to be functional again as quickly as possible when something breaks, or when there is a technical failure. Get in touch with us as soon as you notice that your system isn’t working properly.

Call Polar Bear’s team of experts for all your food market air conditioning needs!

Make a choice depending on the area you need to air-condition. We’ll offer you several pricing options that will give you an idea of the necessary budget. Ask us for a free quote to confirm the costs involved.